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Welcome to the Irritable Bowel Syndrome Audio Page.

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Relief for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a common disorder that may affect up to 30 percent of all men and women at some time during their lives. The disorder has many names, including nervous colon, spastic colon, spastic bowel, mucous colitis and spastic colitis. Hypnosis is well known to be a cure for irritable bowel. IBS is a syndrome, a pattern of symptoms such as pain and bloating that tend to occur together. It is not a disease and it cannot be caught or transmitted from person to person as a cold can nor can it be cured by an operation or medication. It is not life-threatening. This hypnotic CD will quickly give relief to the symptoms of irritable bowl. We always recommend you seek a medical opinion along side using any hypnosis product.


What are the symptoms of IBS?

People with IBS may experience constipation, diarrhoea, or a combination - constipation at some times and diarrhoea at other times. In addition, IBS may produce cramps, urgency, or a gassy, bloated feeling in the abdomen. Mucus, sometimes seen in bowel movements, is also a symptom of IBS. Rectal bleeding is never caused by IBS, and any rectal bleeding must be properly and thoroughly evaluated.


What causes IBS?

The underlying cause of this disorder is an abnormality in the way the intestinal muscles contract. These muscles, which form the outer layer of the intestine, work automatically to move food products along the intestine to the rectum and out the anus. IBS is a disorder of the function of the intestinal muscles. Even when the muscles appear normal under a microscope, they may not function normally, contracting too forcefully or weakly, too slowly or rapidly, at certain times.



What role does stress play in IBS?

Emotional stress may contribute to IBS. The brain and the intestine are closely connected by nerve fibers that control the automatic functioning of the intestinal muscles, and many people may experience nausea or diarrhoea when nervous or anxious. While we may not be able to control the effect stress has on our intestines, reducing the sources of stress in our lives - high pressure jobs, family tensions, etc. - may alleviate the symptoms of IBS.



The results.

Simply understanding that IBS is not a serious or life-threatening condition may relieve anxiety and stress. Increasing the amount of non-digestible, bulk-forming foods ("roughage") in the diet may be all that is needed to relieve symptoms. When the major complaint is constipation, additional water should be provided in the diet.  Sometimes, caffeine, milk products or alcohol can make symptoms of IBS worse. Your physician may recommend avoiding foods that contain significant amounts of caffeine - coffee, tea, chocolate and cola drinks, for example - and alcoholic beverages, including beer, wine and "mixed" drinks. Your physician may also recommend that you avoid dairy products. In addition, smokers should beware: IBS symptoms may be aggravated by nicotine. 

Now through the power of hypnosis removing stress has never been easier and faster! This powerful hypnotic CD program will soon give you the relief you are looking for!

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"A massive thank you for for offering a fantastic, affordable system that really does work. Up until 2 weeks ago I struggled with really bad Irritable bowel syndrome after treatment for a long term illness I'd had. I listened to the audio CD once and the next day ate all the things that normally would upset my stomach and haven't experienced the usual twinges and pain! honestly, I cannot thank you enough for the effect this has had on my life, its priceless. I have also purchased 4 other CDs; the ones I have started to use are working very well. I am pacing myself and not doing them all at once. I have made so many recommendations for your site because I am so grateful to you."

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