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"Yesterday is the past tomorrow is the future and today is a gift. That's why they call it the present."

Panic Attacks Hypnosis MP3 Download


Welcome to the Past Life Regression Audio Page. Visit Past Lives with this Hypnosis MP3.


Past Life Regression

Many young children have memories of a previous existence, and make remarks to their parents that may seem preposterous.

In documented cases, children were able to identify their previous homes and recognise former relatives and friends. Adults retain memories of past-lives too. There are some cases where past-life information would have been difficult to obtain, yet when researched, the information proved to be accurate.

There are many reasons that people may have for using a past life hypnosis mp3 download.

Many people use these audio programs to explore and to help understand their life purpose or to understand choice of friends and relationships.

Past life memories may be affecting your health or life experiences and so you can use this hypnosis mp3 to understand memories that may be giving health concerns or to help remove fear, guilt, anger and phobias.

Having knowledge of past thoughts will help you understand present life experiences and will help the healing of grief and worries, projecting you into a healthier, happier and more achieving future.



Broadly speaking, in the East people believe in reincarnation, but it is not readily accepted by Western society. Many churches do not accept the doctrine of past-lives and their members can be sceptical or even hostile regarding the possibility of the soul having previous incarnations on earth. Hypnotic past-life regression sessions are most often cited as evidence (the only evidence) substantiating the concept. For the people who doubt that hypnosis is real, and others who consider hypnotic memories imagination or confabulation, the evidence seems shaky. Still, the case for reincarnation is far from insubstantial.

Documented cases exist of two or more people, strangers to each other, remembering the same past-life event in great detail. People speaking or writing foreign languages (even dead languages) while regressed to the appropriate time and place.


So, Is Past Life Regression Real?

Whether or not hypnotic past life regressions consistently uncovers past life experiences is likely to remain open for debate. Past life recollections are not necessarily complete or accurate. The mind often remembers the most emotionally laden events, and fill in the rest of the story with confabulations. This is typical of us in our present-life memories as well. Your memory and your imagination come from the same source.

However, what comes out of the subconscious mind in dreams, imagining or fantasy symbolises some aspect of a person's life, so what is retrieved as past-life memories can also be metaphors for present-life events and circumstances. In truth, whether the memories are real or imagined, is of no significance to a Hypnotherapist, if the recalled experience solves the problem or offers insight; which is usually the case then that is all that matters.

What is most notable is that successful resolution of trauma can result from properly conducted past life regression therapy. The value of past life regression in psychotherapy has been demonstrated repeatedly. Recalling a past event, usually done with vivid emotion, typically results in resolving the problem; and people tend to identify with the memory far more dramatically than if they were fabricating it. From a therapeutic standpoint, the Hypnotherapist need not evaluate the truth of the client's story. The story merely has to help heal the client.

More and more people are expressing the desire to explore their inner awareness through a past life regression. PLRs can be done in a private session or in small groups and now even by this audio mp3 download program. Private sessions have the advantage of interactivity between the regressionist and the journeyor and that allows for a deeper exploration because the client can answer questions and describe his experience while in trance. Another advantage of a private session is that you may be provided with an audio tape of your experience. The mp3 however is a powerful, cheaper alternative and allows you to experience the sessions as many times as you wish.



Clinical Application of Past Life Therapy

It's not uncommon for people to reject the notion of looking into a past lifetime for the resolution of their problems.

In clinical practice, clients discover that present life conflicts and problems may stem from traumatic events (or in the belief in them) from prior lifetimes. Past life memories may come to us in many guises: the deja vu experience; recurrent dreams of a specific location or of a frightening event; or perhaps a crippling phobia or an unexplained, seemingly groundless fear. For example, a fear of water, public speaking, or heights (to name just a few common phobias) may relate to the 'memory' of a death by drowning, hanging, choking, or perhaps falling from a high place.

As these past life traumas are explored and resolved in therapy, the phobias cease to exist for the client.

Today, the process of past life therapy is being used effectively by increasing numbers of mental health professionals all over the world. Through the emotional feelings and body sensations associated with an identified present life problem, the client is prompted to locate the source or cause of the problem. Sometimes this leads to a painful past life memory. The client, in the personality of the past-life character, is guided through the traumatic episode in that lifetime, and finally through the death experience. The Hypnotherapist assists the client in resolving any remaining emotional issues, any unfinished business in that life, and to integrate the experience into the present life situation.

A surprising number of emotional problems and conflicts are quickly and effectively resolved through past life regression therapy, usually in far fewer sessions than with conventional therapy. Many physical ailments are considered to be psychosomatic, and these conditions may begin to diminish or cease altogether through past life regression therapy.



Many people have feelings about past lives, feelings that they have been on this earth before. Feelings that they know about places they have never visited, feelings about thing that have happened, feelings about themselves and people around them. Are you one of them? Many millions of people now believe in past and future lives, now using the remarkable technology of this hypnosis .mp3 we can start to explore our mind and find out more of these feelings? Fiction or FACT?


For many years Hypnotherapists have been able to hypnotise their subjects and return them to events that have occurred during past lives! Now this incredible hypnotic audio program will do the same for you! If you are ready to explore your feelings about the past, your past lives, who you were, where you lived and what you did! This hypnotic audio program will take you there!

Using powerful hypnotic and subliminal suggestion you will relax and be guided though your history, experiencing thoughts of past live, events, times, names, dates and much, much more!

Order this past life regression mp3 download now and you will be in a position to experience your past lives time and time again as you explore your past and all the secrets it holds!



Past Life Hypnosis MP3 Download

This is a 30 minute Hypnosis MP3 download. Once purchased you can instantly download this hypnosis mp3 to your computer. You can play the audio file on your computer or transfer it to any .mp3 player such as an I pod or transfer the music to CD to create a hypnosis CD sleep program to play in your CD player if you wish.

As the .mp3 is designed for you to drift off to sleep as you listen to it we recommend that you transfer the program to a CD so the CD will automatically stop at the end of the track. Alternatively as the program finishes most .mp3 player should shut down and go into a stand by mode.

SMARTERThis audio download contains powerful SMARTER Hypnosis mind technology to help make changes fast.



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Past Life Regression Hypnosis MP3

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"I downloaded this audio programme because I thought it would be a little bit of fun. I had to write to you because it changed from fun into a life understanding experience. I have experienced several life thoughts from the sessions I have experienced and it has really helped me understand who I am and the why I have the beliefs I hold. I never understood the power of past life regression but today I feel I am a stronger person thanks to the knowledge I have gained from this download. It's truly remarkable, what a great piece of work." Cassandra.




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