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"Yesterday is the past tomorrow is the future and today is a gift. That's why they call it the present."

Stop Worrying .mp3 Download


Welcome to the Stop Worrying Audio Page.

Thinking through problems and challenges is a healthy response to life's pressures. It gives you the motivation to assess, take responsibility and take action in all aspects of your life. Sometimes though, instead of working out the solution to a challenge, you have unresolved concerns. It's at this stage that this worrying can turn into anxiety.

With today's fast life style almost everyone has mild anxiety at some point. Certain situations throughout life are particularly likely to make you feel worried. Mild anxiety can prevent you from enjoying your life to the full.

Moving home, starting a new job or having a baby can all cause anxiety. It may also be linked to negative events that have happened to you in the past, such as an accident or not doing well in an exam.

You can use your anxiety to avoid facing a problem or taking any action. You may even be afraid of success, because it challenges your self-identity as a non-achiever. Little worries mean you don't have to face the bigger picture.

Excessive anxiety may be linked to personality types. You may also be genetically more likely to be anxious. More serious anxiety disorders can be due to a disturbance of chemicals in the brain.

For one in ten people, mild anxiety can significantly affect long-term well-being.

Mild anxiety can stop you from working effectively and taking risks. When you worry too much, you obsess over situations that you can only partly control. You may also have anxiety about things that, realistically, you are powerless to change. Anxiety can produce other emotional and physical symptoms.

Physical effects can be:

  1. palpitations (irregular heartbeats) - which may cause chest pain or discomfort
  2. a feeling of breathlessness
  3. trembling or feeling faint and dizzy
  4. feeling sweaty
  5. muscle tension and pains
  6. digestive problems such as nausea and diarrhoea
  7. headache
  8. sleeplessness - which can make you feel tired
  9. stomach ache

Emotional and behavioural effects include:

  1. feeling helpless
  2. finding it difficult to make decisions
  3. lack self-confidence
  4. finding it difficult to concentrate
  5. having panic attacks
  6. obsessive behaviour

Anyway its time for all the worrying to finish now. This hypnosis audio download will soon have you sleeping well, filling back up with confidence and energy and ready to take on the challenges of the day.

This is an excellent audio program and you can download 30 minutes of hypnotic worry buster right now!

In 20 minutes from now your worries will begin to be a thing of the past. The program can be downloaded now for just 8.00 worldwide.


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Stop Worrying .MP3

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"What a wonderful hypnosis download. My worries would just cause me stress and illness and I would find it hard to move forwards as I would just worry about everything that could happen. Thanks to this hypnosis download I seem to have calmed many of my fears and I feel more relaxed about my future. Now I find it easier to relax and sleep better on a night time. I feel very comfortable and safe when I listen to this download and I would not like to have to be without it. Thank you so much for all your support." Dawn.




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